“Resting is part of training”. This principle although extremely simple and often misinterpreted, leads us to many questions. Far from being existential, they are nevertheless essential to optimize our daily, weekly, or even longer term training. There are a number of things to put in place to optimize the training results. We can speak of hidden training.

What is invisible training?

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Even if this sport starts to rank in the media, and people get less confused with the trial (bike), this discipline should be explained for less experienced people…

This sport has been existing on since the dawn of time… Since men (or women…), running shoes at their feet, got away from the tried and tested, stretching the horizon to know what was behind the mountain. 

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Thomas Lorblanchet, an ultra trailer, is the new monbento ambassador!! He is familiar with the monbento range of products and has been using them for years now; he loves nature, travels… And he is from Clermont-Ferrand as well!!(#unwillinglychauvinistics ;-))


Actually, we could speak about him for hours! However, he accepted to be interviewed, which is even better…

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