Recycling DIY : a new pencil pot!

Sep 18, 2019 | Post by Manon

The key of success? Organization! Whether you’re on your way to school or office, it’s time to tidy up your stuff!

Few weeks ago, we published the first part of this recycling DIY: a small garden of aromatic herbs, made of tin cans! Once again, you can give your tin cans a second life, by recycling them into pencil pots. Time to say (almost ;-)) goodbye to the mess on your desk!

materials DIY reusable pencil holders monbento bento tin cans back to school work

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Recycling DIY: a new life for your tin cans

Aug 2, 2019 | Post by Manon

Beans, chickpeas, or mushrooms? We all have a few tin cans in our kitchen cupboard! It's convenient and helpful! But once they're empty, we throw them away. What if you did something else... Recycle them!

DIY mini garden aromatic herbs chives mint basil tin cans recycle

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My seasonal eating - #Summer

Jun 24, 2019 | Post by Capucine

monbento my seasonal eatings summer fruits and veggies bento box lunch boxThe sunny days are here! Our plates are full of vitamins! We can make again the summer recipes that we love so much!

For this new appointment, here is the summer version of "Seasonal eating"! We kept the same formula: memo cards to download so you always know the fruits and vegetables of each month and tasty recipes ideas!

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Yoga: 5 good reasons to start

Jun 21, 2019 | Post by Manon

monbento bento mb positive yoga 5 reasons to start

Yoga is for old people! Yoga is not a sport! Yoga is for hippies! Yoga is for hyper-flexible people! You already heard that somewhere? Despite all these received ideas, yoga is a practice that is full of benefits. So here are the main reasons to try it.

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bento mb original sac de transport mb pochette english garden

A word to those who are curious! Today, we’re giving you some secrets about one of the new products in our 2019 collection, the English Garden model, which is available on the MB Original and the MB Pochette. You have spotted it with its foliage and its pretty green colour, very soft. Inspiration, choice of colours, little story… Julien, our Artistic Director, tells us the story of this graphic design.

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trashtag challenge monbento bento blog instagram

Photo : @iut_durable_brest

Have you ever heard of the Trashtag Challenge? This is the new trend challenge that floods the social networks.
A useful challenge that encourages users to clean our planet? Yes… That’s the idea!
Origin, principle and impact: this is what follows.

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My seasonal eating - #Spring

Mar 22, 2019 | Post by Capucine

fruits et légumes de saison monbento bento box veggies fruits

Here we are! Spring is here! And a new season means new cooking opportunities! That's why we are starting today a new series of posts: my seasonal eating! It will include: a memo to help you during food shopping and some menu ideas with seasonal veggies and fruits.

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The Hanami: celebrating spring in Japan

Mar 20, 2019 | Post by Capucine

hanami printemps japon sakura blossom spring cherry tree

Photo: @shisodelicious

When speaking about Japan, we spontaneously think of sushi, manga and Sakura or cherry blossoms. Cherry trees are omnipresent in traditional and contemporary Japanese art but also in literature and parks! They symbolise both the shortness of life and the beginning of spring, that is celebrated during the Hanami!

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couverture mb e-zy sac transport isotherme ariaprène

This new product from our 2019 collection provoked your enthusiasm! Today, we are going to tell you a little more about our MB E-zy and its main fabric: the Ariaprene. You haven’t heard about it yet? Here are some of its advantages!

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Valentine's Day getaway

Feb 8, 2019 | Post by Capucine

Valentine's day GetawayYou see us coming? Yes, today, we are going to speak to you about Valentine's Day!
This year, we want to invite you to do something different than what you're used to for this occasion.

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