Enjoy 10% off on the 3 new packs “special back to school”!


monbento rentrée back to school

monbento® offers 3 new packs which will delight the whole family.

The « light back to school » Pack :

Set bento rentrée légère

This first light and colourful pack available includes the essential products for “back to school” (a bento box MB Original and a bento bag MB Pochette). This pack is ready to be used in everyday life: at school, at a picnic or at the office!
32€20 instead of 36€90  >> Get it!

The « complete back to school» Pack :
Set bento rentrée complète

This second pack is perfect for eating at work.  It comprises of a bento box MB Original, a cutlery set MB Pocket, a bento bag MB Pochette, two sauce cups MB Temple and a pair of chopsticks MB Pair.  This selection of products allows you to eat in any situation.
58€70 instead of 65€30  >> Get it!

The « nomad back to school » Pack
Set bento rentrée nomade

This last pack which is perfect for trips is made up of a bento MB Original, a cutlery set MB Pocket and an insulated bag MB Iso allowing you to carry out your lunch everywhere you want.
74€50 instead of 82€80  >> Get it!

Discover these new packs now on www.monbento.com. Available until September the 30th.