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The end of May right before the summer holidays is sometimes difficult. It’s the end of the academic year and exams are coming. At the same time it is getting warm. Let’s finish off the week with a friendly picnic.


This recipe is for two people and prepared in two different MB Square containers.  It is fresh and quick to prepare!


Menu: pink pasta salad with goat cheese and beetroot.


For each person:

-       120g of cooked pasta

-       60g of cooked beetroot

-       35g of goat cheese

-       2 basil leaves

-       ½ small clove of garlic

-       salt and pepper

-       balsamic vinegar


Cut the goat cheese and the beetroot (keep the juice to color the pasta) into small cubes. Mix it with the pasta. Thinly slice the basil leaves. Add salt and pepper.


Put the chopped garlic in a sauce cup with balsamic vinegar.


You can eat this dish with an egg and an apple.