We discovered the blogger Shiso Delicious thanks to the beautiful photos of recipes in our bento boxes she posted on her Instagram. Completely in love with her style, and especially with the gift she has to make veggy meals so yummy, we got in touch to work together on food projects.

And guess what? Her kindness lives up to her talent for cooking and photos! So in celebration of our new partnership, we are happy to introduce you a bit of her life and food journey :-)



Coming from the 4 corners of the world…

Born in Sweden, with Japanese and Bulgarian roots, Sara, aka Shiso Delicious, grew up close to nature with gardening grandparents and parents. She loved playing with insects, homegrown vegetables, wild plants and berries… a first step in what would become her vocation ;-)

Older, she enjoyed a 3 years stay in Japan and finally settled down in London. A melting pot of many countries where she could discover new ingredients and threw herself into cooking with passion! 

The crush on our bento boxes

Sara raises dishes as artworks. Already familiar with our MB Original bento boxes, she chose them for her Instagram pictures because of their design and convenience.For Sara, a lunchbox has to be both practical and stylish because “you eat with your eyes as well as your mouth and belly – yet a box needs to be leak proof and easy to fit into a bag full of work stuff as well" :-). 

Food philosophy

Her goal? Make you, or the person you are making the bento for, look forward to lunch everyday! Now, she is vegetarian and makes only plant-based recipes, with fruits, vegetables and seeds.



Her choice is motivated by her philosophy of eating: “I believe a good lunch means better work and better life!” ( we agree 100% with her! It could have been our catchphrase! :-)). So as her husband has to have lunch in town because his office isn’t near from home, to avoid sad sandwiches and fried food, she began, a few years ago, to prepare bento boxes. Now he is so used with this practice that he even compose them himself!


Her summer recipe for monbento

For her first recipe with us, Sara surfed on the Buddha bowl trend and transformed this recipe into a twin vegetarian Buddha bento to share with your partner, your colleague… Made with seasonal ingredients and very quick to prepare, the star of this meal is the massaged Kale, a full of nutriments cabbage! Served with some quinoa, tofu, avocado, seeds, raw vegetables and fruits, it is perfect for a healthy lunch as we love! Yummy! 



Feel like trying this recipe? Find all the steps and tips here ;-)

And don’t forget to have a look to Sara’s blog !