Everybody get your diary, this year it’s May 13! Mother’s Day, mom, mummy… We can hear some saying already: “it’s all marketing” and blah blah blah, everybody has it own opinion BUT what could be more beautiful than to please those without whom we wouldn’t be here? ;-)


Also, because we’re sure that you all love your mom so much that you don’t want to offend her, here is a list of gifts to avoid this year:


#1 A household appliance

Even if it’s the last out, it’s trendy and everybody loves it. And even if it’s going to be less noisy that her one (and make everybody happy) … forget RIGHT-NOW vacuum cleaners, irons, washing machines… It’s her day, and we must not remind her of the daily chores. Also we are in 2018, let's be modern (by the way ;-))


#2 A rejuvenating product

You think your mom is the most beautiful? So forget all the anti wrinkle cream, firming cream, anti cellulite…  And everything else that can remind her that years go by (and for you too by the way!)


#3 A cookbook

You really want to upset her! What does this mean, that your mom doesn’t cook well enough? “Cooked with love?”, isn’t it the secret for a good recipe?   


#4 The famous pasta necklace

Fusilli, Macaroni, Cannelloni… Multiplied by the number of years in pre-school, and the number of children and the number of grandkids… We say stop! (Unless your super mom has plans to open an Italian restaurant)


#5 Nothing

You persist in playing the big guys... open your little heart to your mom and prove her that at least think about her ;-).


Now, you’re not allowed to say you haven’t been warned! And if you’re lacking of inspiration you know that monbento site is full of unusual mother’s day gifts: bento boxes, bottles… And even some complete packs already made up, personalised gifts, you can also let her choose her own with a gift card (exists in digital version too for latecomers :-))


Happy Mother’s day to all the moms!