The “MBO” (our baby) under the microscope!


Yes, that’s how we call the MB Original!


It spends every day with you, in contact with your food and your balanced lifestyle. We take a close look at this companion that cares for you.


We pamper it from day one


Our secret: careful design “made in France” under the skilful eye of Fabien – our design director and MD - and very high quality components!


Primarily Polybutylene terephthalate! Called PBT, this food-grade plastic and BPA free comes to us from Germany. Our designers chose it because “it stands up well to heat and is super strong”, says David, one of our creative minds.


Another component: polypropylene, that’s PP in tech speak :-)! It’s heavy duty, is also perfectly suited for use with food and contains no BPA. But what we love most about it is its environmentally-friendly side (yep, our plastic cares for our world!): it is very easy to recycle!


We add a healthy dose of know-how and care, and voilà, it’s like magic!


We take good care of it all along the creation chain


But we keep an eye on it in every stage of the product’s processing.


1st check: the material, upstream of production, directly with our suppliers.


2nd check: the material! Yes, again! We won’t stand for any defects; that’s the key to quality! This time, we analyse it when it arrives at our factories.


3rd check: the end product, after production and before shipping to our warehouses.

 MB Original bleu ciel

And we stay in touch, even after that


Then it’s time to say good-bye and send it off to you. To avoid getting too emotional, we think about its future and what it will bring to your life. It will simplify your life, help you eat well, bring you freedom, help you save money (always welcome these days!) and give you more free time. That’ enough to satisfy us.


And we know that you can keep in touch with us: a photo on Instagram, a comment on what it has changed in your daily life on Facebook… And you know you can count on us, for recipe ideas, and answers to your questions… Just ask!


In the end, this is a story of friendship that has already brought together a million people.