Not so easy to set a target and to keep it when you have to juggle with sport, work and family life! Add business trips on top of that and following your training plan becomes a real challenge!

Here is a short list to help you.


1/ Set up your marks

When you travel to a new city for work, the easiest thing is to anticipate. While booking your hotel, choose a place near large green spaces or parks. You will be more comfortable and it will save you time on the spot. Another important point: favour hotels which offer consistent and varied breakfast (we will come back to this at the end of the article ;-) )…


2/ Map in advance

Some websites like Strava for example give you tips on the most interesting running spots. Do not hesitate to launch a search on Google too with your destination town and the keywords “running” or “trail”. And if you have the chance to go back to this city some time, you will be lucky to pick up again the routine you’ve set and to compare timings. 


3/ Adapt

One of the main qualities for a traveling salesman who is a runner is adaptability, both in his training spots and in his planning. A training plan can’t be static; it has to be adjusted to the situation. For example, 10x300 m on the track may become 10x1’ in the park near your hotel. The spirit of the session remains. Even if I don’t really like that, the treadmill can be a good ally for specific plans (coasts, regular speed….) or to have good run even if the weather is bad.


4/ Be cautious 

If you decide to go on a city run, take your phone with you. First, because Google map may be useful if your sense of direction is not so accurate. What a pity to plan to go outside for 30’ and to look for the hotel for 1h30 ;-). The second reason is that you may want to take photos of 2 or 3 spots you noticed at the turn of a crossing. Keep some change 
too: nobody knows, a cab might be necessary to set back!


5/ Eat smart 

Let’s talk about breakfast! No lies between us, controlling your meals during business trips is one of the most complicated thing. You can’t have a typical day plan because nothing is standardised in these cases. Once advice I can give you: go for a run on an empty stomach and recharge your batteries with the breakfast buffet after. If you want to run at another time, take your lunch box at the buffet and make up your ideal snack. It is the best solution to select your food and not be tempted by the fast food around the corner from the hotel.


6/ Smile...

Last but not least: adopt the “smile running” style and share your happiness to be able to run! Go to the others and talk to them: they will make you discover the best spots! 

These suggestions are not exhaustive. Everyone has to find the best formula for her/him to run while on professional duties. Enjoy theses moments and most of all, take time to discover and share!


Thomas Lorblanchet