We are just at the beginning of the year, the holidays period isn’t so far back… and we are still on time to think of our new resolutions serenely. We have an entire month to set up our yearly goals and fortunately for most of us, February is not here yet ;-)

Most of the time, as far as good resolutions are concerned, the simplest things seem the most complicated ones! So, for 2017, let’s go easy way and be content with the strict minimum like Voltaire would have suggested: « I decided to be happy because it is good for my health ».

If we relate this to a survey lead by the Inserm[1] saying that 30’ of activity everyday, 4 times a week helps decrease mortality by 30%, the conclusion is quite clear: to be happy, let’s get moving!!!!

And this is the best resolution we could find!

So happy New Year to you all and let’s get those running shoes on!

(Pssst: we are on the same wavelength with monbento! To see all the (funny) resolutions of the team, it’s just over here:link)

[1] French national Institute for health and medical reseach