For the “Semaine du goût” actually running in France, we give you a small boost to make appealing and tasty dishes you/your family/your friends don’t usually care for!


Here are the magic formulas but this is between you and us, right?


- Is it too bitter? Too tart? Add a touch of sweetness! A pinch of sugar or a drop of honey, caramel, maple syrup or syrup will make it tasty! Try it for homemade ketchup or berry coulis.






- Add flavour and colour to your dishes by using herbs and spices (be careful not to add too much, or you might regret it!). A bit of mild curry on cooked carrots, thyme sprinkled on chicken, or a bit of vanilla or cinnamon in applesauce can make meal time really delicious.


- Adapt recipes to your tastes and to the seasons. Fruits and vegetables are available in stores year round, but they’re the tastiest when they’re in season. So, if you like making recipes like crumble with your parents, choose berries (strawberries, cherries) or yellow fruits (apricots, peaches) in the summer, and apples or bananas in the winter. If you don’t like those fruits, you can always replace them with something else. The same goes for vegetable dishes like quiches, and gratins… This is a good tip to enjoy a variety of flavours!




- Pair foods that you don’t like as much with ones you do to combine different flavours and aromas or add them to dishes you really love. You’ll be surprised at the result! Replace the meat sauce in your lasagne with spinach, or add grated carrots to your meatballs, slip courgette strips in your potato pancakes, or mix some broccoli in your mashed potatoes. There are so many things you can try!


- Naturally, we taste food. But you can also see it, feel it and hear it! So, to give you a healthy appetite, play with presentation. Vary the shapes and colours of your foods, organise your plate so that all the foods aren’t mixed together, and use original containers (bright colours, fun shapes, patterns or inscriptions). You might just like it!


Try, taste and tell us what you think on our social medias. And if you have your own tricks, do not hesitate to share them!