"Return to work" bento

Sep 4, 2012 | Post by Capucine

This week everybody is has returned home to start school and work. Holidays are over…


But here at monbento, there’s always something positive going on! We get to see all of our family and friends and who doesn’t like that?


mon bento de la rentrée

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Awesome potato salad

Aug 15, 2012 | Post by Capucine

Here is a quite simple potato salad recipe. The heat of the sun during the past few days is no reason to avoid cooking.


mon bento repas salade de pommes de terre du 15 août

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monbento mould cake

Aug 6, 2012 | Post by Capucine

For my second recipe with monbento mold, I made a goat cheese and olive cake.


mon bento recette du cake salé pour le moule monbento

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Quiche lorraine

Jul 27, 2012 | Post by Capucine

This was my first attempt with the monbento mold and I managed to make the right amount of pastry.

mon bento recette bento moule quiche lorraine

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Goat cheese samossas

Jul 20, 2012 | Post by Capucine

During warm summer days, I only feel like eating vegetables, salad and cheese. The sun makes me dream about holidays… They’re coming soon, if they’re not already here! This recipe is nice for lunch at work or for a snack while swimming at the pool or the lake.


mon bento salade samoussas

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Rainbow carrots bento

Jul 7, 2012 | Post by Capucine

Today I made a very simple and tasty bento.


mon bento carottes arc en ciel mélange de trois riz et crumble pomme vanille

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Summer salad

Jun 22, 2012 | Post by Capucine

Today, I decided to make a nice salad that really tastes like summer. The ingredients that I used don’t usually go together but it was nice. The different flavors were quite enjoyable, crispy and smooth at the same time. Why not try it!

mon bento recette salade estivale

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Homemade Tabbouleh

Jun 15, 2012 | Post by Capucine

Quick, simple and tasty, today’s recipe is fresh tabbouleh just like summer. This version is a bit revisited as I added cranberries instead of raisins in order to put a sweet touch to this dish.


mon bento recette salée taboulé maison revisité

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Duck with blue cheese sauce

Jun 8, 2012 | Post by Capucine

We made the suggestion to use bento boxes for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


mon bento magret de canard sauce au bleu d'Auvergne

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Ginger shimp

Jun 1, 2012 | Post by Capucine

Nice warm weather has settled in and the bento boxes are anxious to go out for a nice picnic.


crevettes au gingembre mon bento

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