From veganism to raw food diet via paleo diet, there are more and more ways to eat and we are getting confused!

So, if you don’t understand the difference between all those weird names (clearly confusing) we’ll try to clarify the topic for you and maybe make you want to start a new kind of diet


VEGETARIANISM:  This is the most known diet.
You stop eating everything that has paws, fins or wings (basically animal flesh). Yes, our dear fish’ friends are also spared so a little advice: avoid serving a salmon filet to a vegetarian!


STRICT VEGETARIANISM: For this specific diet, we suppress all animal flesh like vegetarians, and even go further by suppressing all other animal-derived substances too. Goodbye butter on bread, hard cooked eggs and good mountain honey!


VEGANISM: Unlike strict vegetarianism, vegans prolong the principle beyond food.  No more visits to the zoo or the aquarium. Also, good-bye leather shoes, wool sweaters and hello again syn-the-tic fabrics!


PALEO DIET: A word taken straight from the stone age and you’ll understand why. Indeed, this diet is based on our ancestors’ way of eating (obviously, no more mammoth hunting or shelling of animal carcasses).

This diet is based on a theory that argues the human genome hasn’t changed in more than 40 000 years. The diet of this long gone times period is completely appropriate to us. A paleo eats a lot of meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, but no dairy food, cereals and processed food. Those should be banned.


RAW FOOD DIET:  As its name suggests, it’s all about eating raw and unprocessed food. Usually, people who have a raw food diet are vegetarians or vegans (at the same time, we are not so sure that raw chicken breast would be easily digestible…)


BREATHARIANISM: Hold on to your hats and stockpile, because this diet prohibits any kind of food or even water.
So, what do breatharianists consume? Well, it’s really obvious, they just consume light!
So, don’t be surprised if we tell you that some followers have died from starvation during these past years…




 If you fear of radically change your diet food but you want by ethical, ecological or even religious reasons reduce your consumption of meat and fish then you can try the semi-vegetarian of flexitarian diet.
It involves consuming plant products daily but from time to time you allow yourself a nice steak or a fish fillet, monitoring the origin of course ;-)

Important point: changing your diet is not something that should be taken lightly.
Inform yourself of the nutritional deficiencies that can appear following this new diet and feel free to consult specialists to always be in top form.