monbento Chef
9 months ago

5 min

20 min


  • For approximately 10 pancakes:
  • - 180g flour
  • - 20g corn or potato starch or potato
  • - 1 Tsp cane sugar (or 1 tsp agave syrup)
  • - 1 tsp baking powder
  • - 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • - 1 tsp liquid vanilla
  • - 250g hazelnut milk (or almond, or soya)
  • - 2 tsp oil

In a large bowl, mix the flour, starch, sugar, yeast and cinnamon.

Then add the oil and vanilla. Mix with a whisk.

Slowly add the milk. Mix from the center to the sides of the bowl in order not to form lumps.

Pour a ladleful of dough into a hot and oiled pan. Cook over low heat for about 1 min on each side.

Add the chocolate chips to form the eyes and nose of the Teddy bear.

Enjoy :)