Team & partners


Emilie Creuzieux

It’s to live extraordinary experiences that this extreme sports addict has decided to take the plunge by creating her own company. Free, creative and concerned by the world surrounding her, she embodies the values of the brand she gave birth to.

Fabien Marret
Co-founder & designer

When founding monbento®, he realized his dream to create his own collection of to-go products and put design at the heart of the company. He makes the collection live through a range of innovative products, with its French design imprint: always placing the user at the heart of his concerns with simplicity and elegance.


Monbento : Thomas Lorblanchet
Thomas Lorblanchet

Thomas Lorblanchet, alias TomTom or Belette, the trail runner who makes mountains flat.
For more details head to the interview with Thomas on our blog.

Monbento : Shiso Delicious
Shiso Delicious
Blogger and food photographer

Sara, alias Shiso Delicious, lover of healthy and beautiful eating, delights our taste buds with her vegetarian recipes made with garden vegetables and seasonal fruits. To learn more about her and discover her amazing work, it’s this way!