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Monbento : NEW COLORS

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Packed lunch – reinvented
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Be unique
Monbento : Be unique
Choosing monbento means choosing a beautiful product that you’ll want to use and show off, which matches your lifestyle and values, and that can even be personalised in line with available features.
« My little water-green bento box is mine! I love this color. I'm almost looking forward to going back to work to use it ».
@desmerveillesalice (instagram)
Simplify your everyday life
Monbento : Simplify your everyday life
Choosing monbento, means opting to bring your own food when you eat away from home. A time- and money-saving practice that becomes an absolute pleasure when all its limitations are overcome thanks to our tailor-made “companions”.
« Revolution in the world of healthy fast food! It is now with pleasure that the day before work, I cook simple, quick and above all balanced dishes ».
@jusdeviolette (Instagram)
Take care of yourself and the environment
Monbento : Take care of yourself and the environment
Choosing monbento means healthy eating because you control what’s in your lunch and by eating home-cooked food… It also means avoiding waste by reducing the use of throwaway containers and packaging that add to the trash mountain.
« When you're no longer hungry at the restaurant and you have some left on the plate, ask for a doggy bag and your bento box will already be ready for the next day. You save a delicious dish from the trash and the pleasure continues with the next meal ».
@badmtz (Instagram)
Recipes and news
Monbento : Banana Muffins Monbento : Banana Muffins
Sep 18, 2019
Banana Muffins