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Kids Collection

Little foodies will love going on tasty adventures with the Kids collection! Kids' lunch box, snack box, reusable bottle, insulated water bottle, cutlery for little hands or funny animal-shaped molds: this colorful and playful collection will follow the little adventurers everywhere they will go, whether it's to school, on vacation or on picnics!

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Kids Collection: our to-go lunch boxes and accessories for kids

Everything they need for tasty, on-the-go adventures!

Bento box for children, snack box, water bottle for school, silverware, funny cake molds ... everything is gathered in the Kids collection of monbento to follow little foodies in all their adventures and make eating away from home easy as pie!

Which type of lunch box is best for kids?

The best lunch box will be the one that adapts to your children's needs and preferences: if they prefer to eat each part of the meal one after the other or if they usually mix everything; if they need a nice presentation to whet their appetite or if the most important thing for them is to eat something hot; if they prefer bright colors or funny patterns - there are many aspects to take into account. The good news is that there are as many options among the monbento lunch boxes!
If your little ones need a well-organized meal that's easy to carry around in an airtight bento box, choose the MB Tresor!
If they prefer to eat their meal in the order they decide in order to experiment with new flavors and to eat at school or on a picnic as if they were eating from a compartment plate, discover the MB Wondertray with compartments design!
For dishes kept at temperature until mealtime or for smashed vegetables or fruit that parents will give to their toddlers, the MB Capsule kids insulated lunch box is ideal! Not forgetting mid-afternoon snacks of course: the MB Gram snack box is as easy to use as it is to transport.

What size water bottle is good for kids?

Going on an adventure makes you thirsty! To keep kids well hydrated throughout their hectic days, it's important that they have a reusable kids' water bottle adapted to their needs!
For those who are busy and full of energy, the MB Stram 12 floz kids insulated water bottle will not only keep their drinks cool, but will evolve with their needs for easy carrying and use!
For a lightweight bottle that is easy to carry thanks to its compact size that fits in any school bag, choose the MB Positive S11 floz Tritan™ bottle, available in many colors!
Older children will prefer an insulated bottle with a smart design: with its sports cap, its spout and its safety button, the MB Pop 12 floz to-go bottle will keep their favorite drinks at the right temperature!

When should you make lunch boxes for your children?

The products of the monbento's Kids collection are adapted to the daily life of families! Designed to facilitate eating away from home for children but also to make preparing meals and cleaning for parents easier, the monbento products can be used day after day.
Whether it is for:

  • Having lunch at school,
  • Enjoying a little snack at the day care or on their way for their activities after school,
  • Eating at their grandparents' or friends' house,
  • On the road for a family vacation,
  • Or on a picnic with school...

Kids can easily use their tasty companions in all situations!
The monbento products are also useful to introduce children to the importance of eating well to grow up and be healthy:

  • Invite them to help you prepare their bento box for school the next day,
  • Ask them what they like best, what they would like to try,
  • Have fun in the kitchen together: bake little cakes in the shape of cute animals in the MB Silifriendsmolds...
What should I put in my child's lunch box?

So many wonders that a kids bento box can contain! It's the perfect way to arouse your child's curiosity, whet their appetite, develop their taste buds and who knows, maybe pave the way for a future career as a chef!
This may sound ambitious, but don't panic, preparing the lunch box of your kids should above all be fun (when the mini chef helps, it's even more fun in the kitchen!).
Need some tips?

  • Cut the food into small pieces that kids can easily grab and eat
  • Play with colors and take on challenges together: try filling the MB Wonder kids lunch box tray with different colors - 1 compartment = 1 color!
  • Vary the textures: the juiciness of a ripe fruit, the crunchiness of homemade cookies, the tenderness of pasta...
  • Have fun cutting out shapes in a cake, or assemble the different ingredients to form characters or landscapes
  • And the icing on the cake: add a little note between the intermediate lid and the food cups of the MB Tresor lunch box for children - a great way to remind your little cutie pies that you're thinking of them!

Still hesitating?
Discover many recipes on the monbento blog to fill your monbento products with love, but also with balanced, seasonal dishes with plenty of flavors that your little ones will love!

At what age can children start using monbento products?

Each child is different and evolves at their own pace. If some kids can eat independently very early, others prefer to be helped for a longer period of time. That is why it is important to adapt the kids' accessories for their to-go meals to their habits and preferences.
Generally, we recommend that our products from the Kids collection should be used by kids from age 4 (6 for the MB Pop reusable bottle).

Are monbento products easy to use for children?

monbento products are tested and approved by children and parents! To ensure that little eaters on the go could enjoy their meals with ease, our design team has thought out the Kids collection to be easily used by little hands.
For example, the MB Tresor and MB Wonder kids' bento boxes feature large latches that can be easily grabbed, lifted and lowered by children's hands.
The cap of the MB Pop esports water bottle is fitted with a sport cap, a spout and a safety button so that kids can easily enjoy their favorite drink and carry it around without worrying about the cap opening in their bag.
The straw of the MB Stram kids' bottle is weighted so that children can easily drink in any position! In order to avoid leaks, it is also fitted with a small leak prevention system that will open when the child pinches the end of the straw. This school water bottle also evolves according to the kids' age and activities: it can be fitted with its comfortable handles for quiet moments and switched for a practical strap for walks!

Which ustensil is best for kids?

The MB Pocket Color BPA-free (in accordance with the regulations) cutlery set has short, thin handles that are easy for children to hold and handle. Each piece of cutlery is made of PLA, a plant-based plastic that is 100% biodegradable (in industrial composting). Available in several colors, this practical cutlery can be matched with their lunch set. The best part? Its size is ideal to be stored in the compartment next to the stainless steel tray of the MB Wonder, or under the top lid of the MB Tresor, our lunch box for children (when the food cups are not used). If little eaters on the go prefer to carry their silverware outside of their kids' lunch box, no problem: the MB Pocket Color includes a strudy and lasting protective case!

Which material is best for lunch box for kids?

At monbento, we pay special attention to the materials we select for our products. We choose resistant materials so that our lunch boxes and to-go accessories can be reused many times and last for a very long time. We also make sure we choose materials that are safe for your health: our plastics are guaranteed BPA-free* and all our products are thoroughly tested.
Kids can therefore use monbento lunch boxes and accessories with complete peace of mind: they will follow them in all their wild adventures!

Practical, lightweight and lasting: families can trust monbento materials!

*in accordance with the regulations

How do you keep food warm for hours/drinks cold?

monbento offers parents insulated solutions to transport the favorite meals and drinks of their kids. In order to guarantee efficient insulating properties, we have chosen stainless steel, combined with an ingenious design based on a vacuum system between the inner and outer walls of our products. Thus, the MB Capsule insulated lunch box will keep the kids' meals at the right temperature for up to 5 hours*, and the MB Pop and MB Stram insulated water bottles will keep their drinks cold for up to 12 hours*.
Our advice to optimize the efficiency of monbento insulating products?
In order to keep your kids' risotto or mashed potatoes hot, preheat the MB Capsule container with hot water. Leave it for 30 seconds before emptying it. Then, fill the bento box up to the top with your hot meal. And finally, remind your little ones to be patient until mealtime and not to open their lunch box before! Today's dish should rather be eaten cold? No problem, this tip also works with cold water, before filling the small insulated lunch box with the little ones' cold meal!
These tips also work for drinks in the MB Pop and MB Stramto-go bottles: cool them down for a few seconds with very cold water before filling their bottle with their favorite cold drink!

*Depending on the content, conditions and environment of use

How do I customize the lunchbox of my kids?

To make sure little ones can easily recognize and find their lunch box or bottle at school, customize their to-go adventure partner!
Fitted with a customization feature on their lid, the MB Tresor school lunch box and the MB Gramcute snack box can be personalized according to their little owners' preferences! Kids can choose among the stickers provided with the bentos boxes the one they prefer, or add a picture of their pet, their own selfie, the portrait of their favorite superhero or their name written in a colorful way!
And to avoid mixing reusable bottles, you can engrave theMB Pop and MB Stram small to-go bottles! Choose the color or pattern your child prefers, and add their name in the personalized message box, just before adding their bottle to the cart.

Do the monbento Kids' products have matching colors?

Kids can have lunch away from home with style! In order to satisfy all the preferences of the little ones, our super creative team selects soft, timeless and full of personality colors for the products of the Kids collection, and regularly creates new funny characters that adorn our products and keep children company at lunch time.
Kids lunch box, snack box, kids water bottle or lunch box cutlery set: little foodies will be able to match the different elements of their to-go lunch set thanks to the colors and patterns available on our various ranges!