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27 floz kids bento box

MB Tresor

At school, at the gym or outdoors: kids can now eat wherever they want too thanks to the MB Tresor lunch box. This kids’ lunch box is specially designed for the little foodies on-the-go and enables them to protect, transport, and eat alone good complete meals. In addition, it is customizable!

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Out of stock
New: a unique color made of recycled material

Enjoy your lunch wherever you want, with peace of mind!

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New: a unique color made of recycled material

Take care of yourself and the environment with the MB Original Terracotta Recycled
I discover it

27 floz / 800 ml kids bento box - MB Tresor

Like a treasure chest full of wonders, this lunch box protects the meals of little foodies!

Specially designed for little hands, the MB Tresor is as easy to open and close as it is to carry around!

With its airtight container and small treat boxes, this lunch box will follow little adventurers everywhere they go to give them the energy they need!

French design
The MB Tresor was thought-out and conceived by our design team, in our headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
3-year warranty
The MB Tresor has a free extended warranty, for a total of 3 years guarantee.
Make the lunch box absolutely unique with the MB Tresor tag hidey-hole! Interchangeable designs enable you to add the little owner’s name or a picture of his favorite super hero. The personalization feature cuts out any risk of bento boxes getting mixed up at playtime!
Airtight and convenient
Developed in collaboration with parents, the MB Tresor was designed to follow the kids in their adventures. Thanks to its opening and closing clasps, there's nothing easier than using this bento box! And once locked, its bottom container is 100% airtight!
Microwave-safe (without the lid)
Airtight (base container only, once product is sealed)
Food grade
Product dimensions: l 16 x d 9,2 x h 10,4 cm / l 6,3 x h 3,6 x h 4,1 in
Capacity: 0,8 L (0,15 L x 2 + 0,5 L) / 27 floz (5 floz x 2 + 17 floz)
Weight: 385 g / 0,8 lbs
1 lid, 2 locks, 1 intermediate lid, 1 container (PP), 2 food cups (PP + Tritan), 1 seal (silicone)
* in accordance with the regulations
Customize your own bento box!

Patterns, colors, tokens … it's up to the little food addicts!

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