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32,1 floz compartmentalised tray for kids

MB Wonder

The MB Wonder is the children's lunch partner that will take part in all their tasty experiences away from home! With its compact size and 950 ml capacity, little adventurers can easily carry a complete meal. Its removable 5-compartment tray and lid make on-the-go meals even more practical and enjoyable! At school, on a picnic or visiting friends, kids can take their lunch box with compartments everywhere they go!

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32,1 floz compartmentalized tray for kids - MB Wonder

The MB Wonder makes eating on the go convenient and even more fun! With its unique tray design, children can easily enjoy their meal. Fitted with a removable 5-compartment tray made of stainless steel, their meal remains perfectly organized, even during transport. Easy to open and close, it will follow little adventurers everywhere they go!

How do I choose the right lunch box for my children?

Children often eat outside the home: lunch at school, snack at the daycare or at their grandparents' or even at the gym after their training session, picnics on their way to vacation or on weekends with their family ... for all these tasty breaks, they need a reliable sidekick that they can easily use!
The MB Wonder kids lunch box was specially designed to be used by little hands. Its lid is fitted with 4 large, easy-to-grip latches, so that kids can easily open and close their lunch box tray.
The lid is 100% removable, so kids can eat from their compartmentalized tray as if they were eating in a kid plate.
With its stainless-steel tray with compartments, the various parts of the meal remain separated to preserve flavors. Children can choose on their own the ordrer of their meal, and thus make new culinary tests that will help develop their taste buds and their interest for a unique moment during their day: meal time!

What should be in my child's lunch box?

The MB Wonder is the first lunch box tray designed by monbento. It includes a stainless-steel tray with 5 compartments of various sizes. It is therefore perfect to hold the daily meal of children, that they can for example enjoy at lunchtime at school. Each part of the meal will be well compartmentalized in the various compartments of the MB Wonder:

  • A small starter (raw vegetables, dried fruit, diced cheese ...)
  • A main course (mini animal-shaped sanwiches, pasta salad, rice, wrap, little savory waffles ...)
  • A dessert (cookies, fruit, mini muffins, pancakes ...)
  • And even a few extra treats (little brioche buns for the middle of the afternoon, some orange slices for the morning, popcorn ...)

The MB Wonder can also be taken on a picnic in the nature. Its flat shape will make it easy for kids to put it on their lap when there is no picnic table and to enjoy their meal to the fullest!
This kids lunch box with compartments is also perfect for snacks to sharewith friends! Cookies, fruit cut into flower or star shapes, little cakes baked in the MB Silifriends animal-shaped moulds ... everybody will love it!

Will the MB Wonder meet my children's needs?

Our design team took into account feedback from children and parents to create the MB Wonder kids bento box.
By adding large, easy-to-open and close latches, our team thought about the situations in which children will have to use their bento box alone (such as at the cafeteria). Little foodies aged 4 and up can open their lunch box on their own!
The difference between the MB Wonder bento lunch box kids and a regular lunch tray is its lid. During transport, there is no risk of unfortunate accident where the delicious meal ends up on the floor!
The capacity of this kids lunch box has also been carefully considered. It has a total capacity of 32 floz, divided into 5 compartments with high edges, which is perfect to hold a complete meal that meets the needs of children.
Last but not least: the smart design of the MB Wonder kids bento box allows the lid to be removed completely, thus making it easy for little eaters on the go to enjoy their well-organized meal, just like they were eating from a compartment plate.

Can we carry cutlery directly in the MB Wonder?

That's what our great design team has thought of too! To ensure that little adventurers are never caught unprepared, there is a small storage compartment next to the stainless-steel tray where kids can place their silverware, directly in the MB Wonder. That way, cutlery stays clean and is ready to be used to enjoy the delicious meal made with love at home! The size of this cutlery compartment is perfect to hold the MB Pocket Color set, which includes a knife, fork and spoon, suitable for children's tiny hands (cutlery not included in the Wonder). The best part? The color of the MB Pocket Color can be matched to the MB Wonder bento lunch box!

Can the MB Wonder be reheated in the microwave?

The MB Wonder is not microwave safe, it is rather intended to hold food to be eaten at room temperature or cold (the MB Wonder can be placed in the refrigerator). If you are looking for a microwave-safe children lunch box, discover the MB Tresor with its airtight compartment (once the product is sealed) and its two little food cups.

Is the MB Wonder dishwasher safe?

Good news: the MB Wonder makes the daily life of kids AND parents easier! With its removable lid and tray, the various parts of the MB Wonder are easy to clean. They can be placed directly in the dishwasher (upper rack and gentle machine wash recommended), or washed by hand using a washing-up liquid and soft sponge.

Is the MB Wonder airtight?

The MB Wonder is perfect for carrying dry foods, aw vegetables or fruit. We do not recommend carrying sauces or liquid preparations like applesauce in this lunch box tray. If you want to add a sauce to go with your kid's mini pancakes for instance, you can pour it into the small MB Temple sauce container and put it directly in one of the compartments of the MB Wonder.
For dishes with sauce, we recommend using the MB Tresor kids lunch box, whose bottom container is airtight, once the product is completely closed.

Is the MB Wonder insulated?

The MB Wonder kids lunch box with compartments is not insulated. The temperature of food can be kept longer by using an insulated bag, and an ice pack if the meal packed is intended to be eaten cold, like the MB I-cy for example.
If you are looking for an insulated lunch box for your kid's dish or snack, discover the MB Capsule small insulated bento box, with an ideal capacity of 9,5 floz!

What materials are used for this lunch box?

The MB Wonder is made of materials that are safe for children's health.
The container and lid of the MB Wonder are made of PP, a BPA-free (in accordance with the regulations) plastic, known for its high resistance. It is also easily recyclable.
The compartment tray is made of stainless steel, which is also resistant, to offer kids a lunch partner that will follow them wherever they go!

Can the MB Wonder be used for meal prep?

Once again, this kids bento box makes the parents' daily life easier! The MB Wonder can be placed in the freezer and refrigerator, which makes it easy to prepare the meals of little foodies ahead of time, on the weekend or the day before.