Packed lunch – reinvented
for freedom lovers
Be unique
Monbento : Be unique
Choosing monbento means choosing a beautiful product that you’ll want to use and show off, which matches your lifestyle and values, and that can even be personalised in line with available features.
Simplify your everyday life
Monbento : Simplify your everyday life
Choosing monbento, means opting to bring your own food when you eat away from home. A time- and money-saving practice that becomes an absolute pleasure when all its limitations are overcome thanks to our tailor-made “companions”.
Take care of yourself and the environment
Monbento : Take care of yourself and the environment
Choosing monbento means healthy eating because you control what’s in your lunch and by eating home-cooked food… It also means avoiding waste by reducing the use of throwaway containers and packaging that add to the trash mountain.


Focus on quality
  • Complies with all international food regulations
  • BPA-free products guaranteed in accordance with the regulations
  • Use of very high quality plastics: PBT (< Germany), Tritan® (< USA) and PP
  • Regular quality controls carried out by independent bodies (Tuv, SGS...)
  • Extended 3-year warranty
3-year warranty
as a cornerstone
  • With a co-founder (also General Director) product designer, the design have a central place in the decisions
  • Designed in France
  • Several international awards
French design
Unique products thanks to our personalisation features

Since 2012 it has been possible to create the MB Original bento box of your dreams – in just a few clicks. Over 2 million colour-combinations are possible!

Create my own MB Original



Trained as a physical therapist, Emilie discovered the Japanese bento box by chance. It quickly became useful in her everyday life. But despite its relevance with the Occidental market, the product is difficult to find in Europe. Faced with this fact, in March 2009, when only 26 years old, she obtained the support of two partners to create the monbento® company.

monbento in numbers

1 million bento boxes sold since the brand was launched


A small selection of the famous media who spoke about monbento
and its products
Monbento : Femmes Actuelles
Femmes Actuelles
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